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October, 2013

Do You Have A Dog Bite Claim?

For those who have had the unfortunate experience of being bitten by a dog, this could mean getting something back with the help of personal injury lawyers. The case of a woman who was bitten by a dog inside her father’s house illustrates the seriousness in which the courts regard animal attacks. The woman sued […]

Paternity Actions for Issues of Child Custody, Child Support

Paternity actions are lawsuits which will determine whether a named individual is the father of a child or not. This may be an important factor in a divorce case where the presumed father of the child or children denies paternity to avoid being made to pay child support. Alternatively, it may also be used to […]

Understanding Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries result from a severe blow or other form of trauma which damages the vertebrae (bones of the spine) to the extent that it brings pressure on or send pieces into the spinal cord. The spinal cord isn’t usually severed, but the injury can cause complete or partial paralysis below the point of […]