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Causes of Airline Accidents

Air travel is considered to be the one of the safest ways to travel, but when an accident occurs, it is often a catastrophe. Of the 21 accidents which have occurred in 2013, 107 people died as a result. The investigating body in the US for airplane accidents is the National Transportation Safety Board, and in more than half the cases, human error was pinpointed as the cause of accidents.

Human Error – A Major Cause of Air Accidents

While human error may be the cause, there are many factors that may lead the pilot, maintenance people, crew, or aircraft controller to make the error. In cases where aircraft accidents lead to death, serious injury, or property damage, the liability may fall on more than one entity. This is due mostly to findings of negligence, in the form of reckless or careless behavior of the pilots, aircraft controllers; maintenance crew, engineers, airline companies, manufacturers, or others who may be among those who directly or indirectly caused the accident.

Personal injury attorneys at the very least can bring an action against potentially liable parties to ensure that victims and those closely related to victims can make a claim for their damages. An NTSB investigation may take up to 12 months to complete, and for many victims they may not be able to wait that long.

Proving Negligence

Claims are usually made against an airline carrier’s insurance company; if no insurance is applicable for a particular case, compensation may still be claimed directly against those who may be liable for the accident in court. The main requirement would be to prove negligence, but the nature of air accidents often makes it difficult to ascertain exactly who is at fault, and most of those who may be liable would rather settle than wait for the outcome of the investigation, which may result in larger awards if negligence is indeed proven.

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