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Delayed Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer in one of the leading causes of death around the world. Although many types of cancer are treatable, there are still some that lack a reliable cure, which can explain why it is imperative for people to have this disease detected early in order to prevent its progression. There are instances, however, where diagnoses of these deadly diseases are delayed, putting the patient’s health and safety at risk. When a delayed diagnosis is the fault of the physician, the victim is entitled to file a personal injury claim with the assistance of their medical malpractice lawyer.

A delayed diagnosis of cancer can have severe consequences. With the delay in treatment, the cancer cells may have affected other parts of the body, bring about further complications, and could lead to its progression, where available treatments will not work any longer. Cancer is a time-sensitive disease, so immediate diagnosis and treatment is the key in preventing its spread and progression. If neglect on the part of a doctor has lead to the delay of the diagnosis and necessary treatment, then they may be held liable and compensation can be sought for the victim’s damages.

The important thing for getting compensation regarding a delayed cancer diagnosis is proving that the delayed diagnosis directly resulted in damages suffered by the patient. Therefore, it is important to have medical records to prove that the delayed treatment has in some form contributed to the response of the disease to the treatment.

Because the survival of the cancer patient is directly related to the type and stage of the disease when it is discovered, early detection is vital. Late diagnosis can only put an already weak patient into more rigorous and painful treatment that can add to more pain and suffering, and reduce the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

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