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Utah State Law Enforcement Facing Lawsuit for Fake DUI Arrests

Former Utah State trooper Lisa Steed’s record-setting number of DUI arrests for a single year, as well as arrests made throughout the rest of her career, are under scrutiny following the appearance of a lawsuit alleging that she made many of the arrests illegally.

After joining the force in 2002, Steed received a great deal of recognition from her peers for her high arrest totals. She was named State Trooper of the Year in 2007 and in 2009 became a member of the state’s DUI squad. That year, she made a record-setting 400 DUI arrests, more than double the amount of arrests made by the next highest officer.

However, her success may not be what it seems. The lawsuit accuses Steed of making DUI arrests on individuals who had no alcohol in their system, sometimes after multiple negative breathalyzer tests. Instead of using the empirical measurements given to her by the breathalyzer, Steed based many of her arrests on visual signs of intoxication such as pupil dilation and shaky legs.

Utah is known throughout the nation for it’s relatively strict alcohol laws, but Steed took things too far when she consciously made the decision to go above the law and blatantly disregard what is fair and just. The lawsuit claims that her arrests dating as far back as 2006 should be reexamined.

Steed was fired last November under accusations of falsifying police reports and violating police policies. She is seeking to be reinstated, but hopefully her record of corruption will be more than enough to keep her out of a position where she can further abuse police powers.

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